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“Training Architects” – Training for Trainers in Trieste

In February 2017, our partner organization Youth of European Nationalities, hosted their 2017 kick-off event, “Training Architects”, a training for trainiers in Trieste, Italy.  The seminar is a part of a project with the theme of “Building Bridges” between youngsters across Europe, and was aimed at preparing new young trainers from different cultures and backgrounds.  [...]

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2017 EVS Mid-term Evaluation Meeting

On 21-24 March 2017 in Visegrád, Hungary, our EVS volunteer Livia participated in an EVS mid-term evaluation meeting. Here, she shares her experiences: Hello everybody! I am Livia, the Italian volunteer for Phiren Amenca, and I would like to share my experience with the EVS mid-term evaluation meeting. I arrived in Budapest almost four months [...]

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Joint statement: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Phiren Amenca joins anti-racism organisations across Europe in urging European governments to make Antisemitism, Antigypsyism and all forms of racism a priority, in a context of increasing hate speech and security threats against minorities. Reposted from the European Network Against Racism (ENAR): International Holocaust Remembrance Day: EU must [...]

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Job vacancy as office manager in Budapest

Phiren Amenca – RGDTS Nonprofit Kft. and the Hungarian Anti-Poverty Network (HAPN) are looking for a full-time office manager and financial administrator for their coordination office in Budapest.  Phiren Amenca is an international network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations creating opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement in order to challenge [...]

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Phiren Amenca Regional Seminar “Volunteerism to challenge stereotypes and antigypsyism”

In 2016, during the second weekend of December, we had the Phiren Amenca (PA) Regional Seminar for volunteers serving in Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Budapest. Twelve young participants from the US, Germany, France and Italy participated at this seminar, with the coordination of five facilitators, from Hungary, US and Romania. [...]

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Differences in culture are the wealth of humanity

Hello everybody! I’m Livia, and I come from a little town in the north of Italy called Omegna, where I’ve spent my life until I was 19. After turning 19, I began attending the university in Turin, where I’ve studied law, and developed an interest in human rights. I’ve did my thesis on international environmental [...]

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LEADNFL project: research on early school leaving

Phiren Amenca is working with partners EgyüttHató Egyesület / Association Co-Efficient (Hungary) and Nevo Parudimos (Romania) on the project “Learned Inactivity – Decreasing the Number of ESL Students in Disadvantaged Communities with the Power of Non-Formal Learning” (abbreviated as LEADNFL), which looks into causes of early school leaving among Roma young people with the aim [...]

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Putren le Jakha! – opening our eyes to antigypsyism

During the second week of October 2016, Putren Le Jakha! was held in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The third annual conference on antigypsyism brought together 42 youth participants representing the countries of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain. Throughout the conference, participants learned about topics such as racism, discrimination and antigypsyism. They also [...]

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“Don’t be afraid of changes!”

“Don’t be afraid of changes!” This is what I am telling myself all the time. Hello everyone! My name is Marian. I am 21 years old (soon to be 22) and I started my 10 months European Voluntary Service at the international organization Phiren Amenca a week ago. They are specialised in both technical and [...]

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Using Non-Formal Education to Counter Early School Leaving

Phiren Amenca joined EgyüttHató Egyesület / Association Co-Efficient (Hungary) and Nevo Parudimos (Romania) in the launch of the project “Learned Inactivity – Decreasing the Number of ESL Students in Disadvantaged Communities with the Power of Non-Formal Learning” (abbreviated as LEADNFL).  The project focuses on early school leaving among Roma young people in disadvantaged communities, and [...]

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