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The Pursuit of Justice: Volunteer profile of Vicente

I, Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez (Alfafar,1988), AKA Magneto, am self-taught. Most of the knowledge that I have about “life” came from Comics, the Bible, Rock n’ Roll lyrics, Philosophy books, family and my own experiences. For the last 4 years I have been involved in Roma activism as a participant and volunteer in many activities. I’ve been [...]

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Personal reflection about DIKH HE NA BISTER Roma Genocide Remembrance 2014

By Melinda Szabo The same as every year, this year Phiren Amenca and Ternype youth organizations organized, the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. We gathered this year 1.000 young people from various parts of Europe. I was surprised how uninformed the youth are. Most of the youth from Europe have never heard about the Roma Holocaust. [...]

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