Phiren Amenca

Youth friendly reference paper on antigypsyism

I AM NOT YOUR GYPSY! – Youth speaking up against antigypsyism

This paper is based on the ‘Reference Paper on Antigypsyism’ which was written for academics and policy makers by the Alliance against Antigypsyism (2016). But as much as we want people in positions to know more about antigypsyism, we, young Roma and non-Roma, also have this need! Therefore, we have created the youth-friendly paper on antigypsyism for you.

The basic idea of this publication was developed by young Roma and non-Roma activists who participated in the fall 2018 of a study session run by ERGO Network together with ternYpe International Roma Youth Network. They all came together during a week-long study session at the European Youth Centre in Budapest and picked their brains about how to make the original reference paper understandable, youth-friendly and engaging.

As part of the Roma Youth Voices project coordinated by Phiren Amenca International Network, RGDTS took the ownership to realize this paper based on the ideas of the young activists. The Roma Youth Voices project is supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice, European Commission.

The content of this paper represents the views of the authors only and is Phiren Amenca’s sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.