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2015 Phiren Amenca Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report of Phiren Amenca International Network features stories of young Roma and non-Roma volunteers engaging to challenge stereotypes and racism in Europe, insights from the diversity of seminars [...]

FOCUS Roma Cinema Youth Project European Strategic Partnership (2016-2018)

ver the next two years, in the framework of FOCUS Roma Cinema Youth Project, we will work together to create an online roma cinema resources center for use in various educational and cultural contexts. We believe deeply in using the power of culture and films to fight for human rights.[...]

Research on Volunteering – Citizens’ tools for Roma participation

The aim of the research was to explore, discuss and analyze the civic involvement of young Roma people, their opportunities and access to be part of formal and non-formal education, their political participation as well as their access to European mobility programs, such as European Voluntary Service[...]