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Volunteer Profiles

“An opportunity to to engage with Roma Rights on a European level”

My name is Lolo; I come from the county of Shropshire in the UK, living in a small village in a rural area of the West Midlands.  I am currently undergoing an eight month placement with Phiren Amenca via the

September 11, 2020

Learning about different cultures – Andrea (Hungary-Portugal)

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea, I come from the capital city of Hungary, Budapest and I am currently a volunteer in Portugal within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Before moving to Portugal, I worked in Italy

November 12, 2019

Moving 7500 kms from home to learn about humanity- Vikas (India-Hungary)

I am Vikas Jagtap from India. I am 23 years old. Previously I worked as a School Councillor in the English Medium High School from July 2017 and a multi purposed worker in an orphanage from November 2018. I’ve been

February 25, 2019

Volunteering to prepare for further studies- Federica

My name is Federica, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Italy. I have been an educator and a project coordinator assistant (thank to the National Civil Service Project) from November 2017 to November 2018. Before this experience, from October

We are colorful, yet very similar – Rebeka

[English below] Sziasztok! Rebekának hívnak, 25 éves vagyok. A klinikai pszichológia a szakterületem, amit sokan mindmáig a gondolatolvasással azonosítanak. Nem szeretem a tényszerű felsorolásokat, nem hiszem, hogy a tények le tudnak írni egy embert. Azt hiszem, ebből is látszik, hogy

Leaving one’s comfort zone to learn something new – Lonci (Buddapest-Strasbourg)

**magyar szöveg az angol alatt**  I am 23, and I was living and studying in Budapest till the end of this August. I finished my BA studies in Sociology at the Corvinus University of Budapest this year, meanwhile I was

“…I’m interested in the capacity and strength of historical memory to shape our identities. “

Sziasztok! My name is Taylor, and I’m an American volunteer serving with Phiren Amenca in Budapest.  I was raised in New England by a Welsh mother and an American father, spent my adolescence in upstate New York, and went to

February 19, 2019

“Sometimes we need to get out from our everyday lives in order to get a better sight for it.”

[English below] Kedves Olvasó! A nevem Horváth Dániel és mikorta ezen sorokat írom, 29 éves vagyok és épp Portugáliában élek, mert jelentkeztem egy itteni önkéntes munkára. Bár már rég szerettem volna egy ehhez hasonló dologban részt venni, számomra most érkezett el

Volunteering in India- Laci

(Scroll down for Hungarian) Hi, I am Laci, 24 years old. I finished my studies in secondary school 3 years ago. I heard about the Erasmus+ Programme at my school. In 2016 I participated in a short term project in

Learning to Become a Change-Maker

Hello everybody! I’m Bálint and I am 23-years-old. I am from a little town in the middle of Hungary where I spent my life, until I was 18-years-old and I started university in Pécs. I studied biology and geography (dual degree)

January 9, 2018