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Council recommedation on Roma equality – Position of Phiren Amenca

The Council of the EU adopted a recommendation on Roma equality, inclusion and participation on March 2. 2021. What’s in for Roma youth? Position of Phiren Amenca The long awaited by all recommendations for Roma equality, inclusion and participation were

March 17, 2021

International Roma Youth United: 50 years after the First World Romani Congress

50 years ago, between 7 and 12 April 1971,  in the village of Chelsfield near Orpington and London took place the First World Romani Congress funded in part by the World Council of Churches and the Government of India. It

March 16, 2021

Applying Intersectionality in the Youth Field

Online Consultative Meeting in search of a cooperative approach among youth organisations and other stakeholders, 24-26 February 2021 Phiren Amenca participated in the Consultative meeting as an international organisation committed to challenge the discrimination of all people in society. We

March 3, 2021

THE LOGIC MODEL – A roadmap for impact

This workbook is a do-it-yourself step-by-step guide on how to build and use a “logic model”. It describes the steps to create logic models for your own programs, in order to present it to your community, to your donors, and

February 12, 2021

Bulgarian Roma Youth Platform

The Bulgarian Roma Youth Platform took place online on 29 January 2021 between 9 and 11 am CET. More than 75 young Roma, high-school and university students took part in the meeting, organized by the Roma Youth Voices in partnership

January 29, 2021

STEP INTO ACTION – A guide for developing an advocacy strategy for young people

With this toolkit, Phiren Amenca wants to empower Roma and non-Roma youth by providing them the necessary tools for effective advocacy. The goal of this guide goes beyond a typical toolkit. We hope this guide will help you, as youth

December 31, 2020

The Role and Power of Roma Youth in Mainstream Structures – LIVE Discussion

How to include Roma youth in policy making and mainstream structures of power? This and other similar questions were discussed on 10 December 2020 during the Roma Youth Voices online event “The role and power of Roma Youth in mainstream

December 11, 2020

Roma Youth Project Award 2020 Winner: Phiren Amenca Montenegro

Congratulations to Walk with us – Phiren Amenca for winning the Best European Roma Youth Project 2020 Award!  The “Youth for Youth” project was selected unanimously from more than 40 applications from 19 countries by the four members of the

Phiren Amenca Annual Report 2019

Read 2019 Annual Report The 2019 Annual Report of Phiren Amenca International Network features stories of young Roma and non-Roma volunteers engaging to challenge stereotypes and racism in and outside of Europe, insights from the diversity of seminars and projects

December 10, 2020

Best European Roma Youth Projects 2020 – Booklet

This booklet contains some unique and empowering European Roma youth projects selected from the Best European Roma Youth Project 2020 Award applications. Read the Best European Roma Youth Projects here The Phiren Amenca International Network, together with the ternYpe Roma