Phiren Amenca

Annual Networking Meeting strengthens international cooperation in the Phiren Amenca Network

2014 PA Networking - 02Over 20 member and partner organizations from all over Europe participated in the Annual Networking Meeting of Phiren Amenca, which took place on March 21 and 22 in Budapest. The meeting addressed key questions that are relevant for the network development, and for the quality management of voluntary service programs. Needs and expectations of member and partner organizations were discussed, as well as current developments, challenges and new opportunities through the new Erasmus+ funding program of the European Commission. In particular a focus was given to the question how to improve the quality of our voluntary service programs through shared standards and guidelines for voluntary service organizations. Last but not least, the meeting facilitated the sharing of concrete practices among members and partners, including approaches in the work with Roma youth, strategies for the self-organization and participation of former volunteers, and reporting on antigypsyism.

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