Phiren Amenca

Buzás Géza – ” I have always been interested in Roma language…”

GézaMy name is Buzás Géza and I am 22 years old. I am a student at the University of Pécs, where I study ‘Romology’ and ‘Pedagogy’. Next to my studies, I have worked part-time as a teacher in Romani language at a secondary school in Budapest, Hungary, between 2013 and 2015. Additionally, I have also worked as a project manager for Khetanipe Romano Centro, a Roma organisation that works with Roma people in Pécs. From 2010 untill 2013 I was the head of a youth organisation named ‘Arany János’, of which I was one of the co-founders. The organisation is active in the field of student rights & student orientation, and is in centred in a small town called Salgotarján, which is centred in the north of Hungary.


I wanted to join Roma Active Albania (RAA), because I have always been interested in Roma language and its dialects in the Balkan countries. In addition, I am interested in human rights and activism. It is important for me, as a Romology student, to gain more experiences from different countries than my own.