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Call for applications: #roma #migration #human rights – Phiren Amenca seminar on Human Rights Education

migration-seminar-sliderThe seminar organized by Phiren Amenca, VISA L’Année Diaconalé and the partner organizations of the Phiren Amenca Network of Roma and non-Roma volunteering organizations will bring together 40 Roma and non-Roma youth leaders and youth activists from around Europe for 6 days in Strasbourg in France. The 6 day lasting seminar enables multipliers and youth activists to create a platform of exchange of experiences, practices and methods for young people and youth organizations how to address migration, antigypsyism and human rights issues in grassroots, national and international youth actions, and how to strengthen the awareness and mobilization of young people for these issues. The seminar is designed to share experiences between the participating organizations, to increase the knowledge and awareness of participants on the migration issue, to reflect about the effects of migration on the human rights of young Roma, and to understand the challenges and potentials of youth work and non-formal education with young migrants. The seminar aims to strengthen the efforts to build joint initiatives on grassroots level, as well as on international level towards recognizing and ensuring the human rights of young migrants, and to challenge antigypsyism and racism in Europe.

Arrival: 25 October 2014 (arrival day)
Departure: 1 November 2014 (departure day)
Venue: Strasbourg/Mulhouse (France)


Download documents:

2014 Seminar Outline – Roma, Migration and Human Rights (pdf)
2014 Seminar Application – Roma, Migration and Human Rights (doc)


This seminar is organized by Phiren Amenca and VISA L’Année Diaconalé with the support of the Youth in Action program of the European Commission.

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