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New Deadline: October 11! Call for Participants: Phiren Amenca Fall Seminar on Challenging Antigypsyism 12-17 November, 2017 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phiren Amenca Fall Seminar on Challenging Antigypsyism
12-17 November, 2017 Novi Sad, Serbia




Date: 12-17 November, 2017.

Place: Novi Sad, Serbia

Hosting/Coordinating organization: Minority Voice (SRB) and Phiren Amenca (BE)

Number of participants: 30, age between 18-30



Based on the experiences of the Phiren Amenca Network members antigypsyism has been and is increasingly a relevant topic for the Roma and non-Roma youth of Europe. There is still a burning need to learn about the mechanisms of social exclusion, racism, and antigypsyism in particular. There is also an urging demand for youth activism and common actions in order to tackle these processes.

Each fall, Phiren Amenca, with its partners, hosts a one week seminar  to bring together Roma and non-Roma youth workers, leaders, activists and multipliers in order to exchange experiences, knowledge on Roma history, antigypsyism, discrimination, stigmatization, xenophobia, identity and culture; globalization and migration; as well as youth engagement and Roma initiatives in Europe. This seminar will be an important event, the closing and evaluation of a one-year process, which consisted of a seminar in Albania on fighting antigypsyism and building common actions and a large Roma Youth Social Forum, So Keres Europa- Varna 2017.

During the one-week event, youth who participated in the above mentioned events and new coming participants will look back and evaluate the challenges and successes of this year’s activities, as well as building future plans based on the existing results. They will actively engage in getting to know more about the situation of Roma in Novi Sad and Serbia; exchange about their own realities and work, and create visibility about the issues they, and Roma in general face in Europe through designing and realizing public actions, a press conference, creative ways of awareness-raising and refining a common manifesto, which has been developed through previous events and actions.



The seminar aims to raise the awareness and activism to challenge antigypsyism among 30 participants, discuss their ideas, initiatives, activities and open questions concerning this topic. Roma and non Roma youth leaders, youth workers, activists, current and former volunteers and multipliers will come together to challenge stereotypes and antigypsyism, to develop tools for local actions and campaigns and to engage in a public action for Roma rights in Novi Sad, which will be European Youth Capital in 2019.


Main objectives of the seminar are:

    • Build and strengthen the network of Roma and/or youth organizations in Europe
    • Share the participants’ experiences in their Youth work related to antigypsyism and other types of oppression and to train young people in the concepts and mechanisms of antigypsyism
    • Evaluate and further develop the results of the “Challenging antigypsyism through Human Rights Education” seminar (Durres, Albania) and the So Keres Europa?! –Roma Youth Social Forum, Varna 2017
    • Explore the practices and initiatives of different organizations and individuals
    • Explore the situation of Roma communities in Novi Sad and Serbia
    • Create visibility for the issues concerning Roma youth on the local level through public actions
    • Develop the participants’ ability to create actions on the local and international levels
    • Formulate common goals and messages for the next So Keres Europa event in 2019
    • Contribute to the Roma Youth Manifesto*
    • Reach more young Roma to join in the movement built by the earlier activities, by publicly sharing the mission and message, especially of the Roma Youth Social Forum, to a more specific audience, and connect it directly to another local reality
    • to mobilize young people to become active citizens and work for positive social change.minority_voice_logo




Minority Voice is dealing with capacity building and empowerment of young Roma through non-formal education. Minority Voice aims to support young Roma people to take leading roles in their surroundings and to become active citizens.


Roma and non-Roma youth leaders, activists, youth workers, and volunteers. We place a high value on bringing together a group with diverse experiences, including youth workers who are effective multipliers on the local, national or international level on issues of empowerment, participation, mobilization and self-organization, as well as volunteers and former volunteers that engaged in local communities for the dialogue between Roma and non-Roma. We also emphasize creating equal opportunities for all genders.

The conference aims to carry forward the work which started in the beginning of 2017, so we encourage the application of those participants (but not just their), who already took part in our previous activities this year.

All participants must also:

  • demonstrate motivation and ability to continue work in subsequent activities
  • be able and committed to act as multipliers in youth work on the themes of anti-discrimination and promotion of human rights with Roma young people, for the benefit of Roma communities and Roma youth
  •  be motivated to develop their competences in anti-discrimination work, human rights education and youth work and to share their experiences with other participants
  • be aged 18 – 30 (exceptions are possible)
  • be committed to attend for the full duration of the course
  • be able to work in English, or check with the coordination office if translation can be provided through other participants or team members






Arrival: 12th November 2017, morning (Sunday)

Departure: 17th November 2017, afternoon (Friday)




!!!Deadline extended: Fill in the application form until October 11, 2017 !!!

The application form you find here:




  • For this activity there is NO participation fee.
  • Reimbursement of travel costs: The accommodation and food is covered by the organisers. Phiren Amenca will reimburse travel costs up to 150 € (return, per person), the rest we expect as a sending organisational or individual contribution.
  • The accommodation and food is covered by the organisers of the seminar. After the selection process, organizers will contact participants to organize the travel.



Write to us at [email protected] or directly contact:

Anna Daróczi (Phiren Amenca) at: [email protected]