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Call for participants for Training course: FOCUS! Movies to challenge preconceptions against Roma communities

Place: Lyon, France
Time: 4-10 June 2017
Participants from Hungary, Kosovo, France
Application deadline: 11 April
Learn how to create spaces where cinema is a powerful response to xenophobia, and racism against Roma communities

The major aim of this training course is to support youth workers to use films with non-formal education activities for combating stereotypes and racism against Roma communities.

The situation of European Roma communities continues to be critical. Socio-economic strategies will produce limited impact as long as root causes of exclusion: stereotypes and racism are not better addressed, drawing on the power of culture.

Initiatives from organization tackling the production of collective’s narratives about Roma Culture and identities remain scattered, and often based on stereotypes both negative or positive/exotic as well as produce by non-Roma. Many youth projects dare blending culture with non-formal education but some times lack artistic resources and vice versa: project carried out by cultural workers / artist might lack pedagogical methods.

Films are a very powerful medium to empower, shape representation and challenging imaginaries. There is today a challenge in developing creative and digital competence of youth workers, educators, trainers, and teachers.

During this training course, participants will be encouraged to
1. Explore, analyse images and discover the principles of story telling
2. Experience the process of film curating
3. Develop their competence in designing and facilitating educational activities using film as a tool in different learning environments
4. Learn step by step all practical aspect of organizing a film screening
5. Reflect on audience development strategies: how to engage audience and especially Roma youth with fewer opportunities?
6. Meet with their counterparts from other countries to develop and share best practices, tools and methods and create opportunities for future cooperation

Target group: The TC is open to participants from FRANCE, HUNGARY and KOSOVO coming from various fields working with young people from diverse backgrounds who want to be better equipped to design spaces where cinema is a powerful response to xenophobia, and racism towards Roma communities

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This project is a youth strategic partnership supported by the Erasmus + programme “Roma youth cinema project” implemented by Somany (France), Romawood (Kosovo) and Phiren Amenca International Network

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