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Call for participants YEN Newbee Meeting Berlin 4-8 December





This event is supported by:
Call for participants:
Seminar: “Newbees Meeting”
BERLIN, Germany 4th -8th December 2015
The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) is looking for participants for the Seminar
Newbees Meeting. This call is for young people who would like to know more
about YEN and minority politics in Europe. It is for youngsters who have taken
part in YEN events or plan to do so in the next year.
It is the first event of its kind for YEN. It will enable an intense cultural exchange
between minorities but we also want to present the majority population the richness of
minority culture.
• Introduce minority issues to interested youngsters
• Networking
• Get to know institutions of German minority politics
• To introduce YEN to the participants
If you are interested to participate, please fill in the application form, and send it before
22nd of November 2015 to the YEN office – [email protected].
Profile of the participants
– Young members of minorities involved in their minority youth organisation, or
members of youth organisations who would like to learn more about minorities
– aged 16-30
– Able to work in English or German.
– Interested in YEN and its work and projects
Additional Activities
As it is not possible to work all day long, we have prepared a couple of activities like
visiting Berlin, museum and a famous Christmas market, or two.
Participation fee
The participation fee is 30€. It covers food and accommodation for the full seminar,
excursions and a lot of fun. We will ask you to pay in cash in Euros during the event.
This event is supported by:
Travel reimbursement
Travel expenses will be 70% covered. We will try to increase to 100%.
Travels by car will be reimbursed by a rate of 0,10€ per km (direct route, calculated
with Please use the cheapest means of transport!
Travel costs are reimbursed only when original tickets will be presented and sent to
the office and participants provide all needed justificatory documents of travel and
expenses (invoices, boarding passes, train or bus tickets…). Additionally, the
reimbursement form needs to be duly filled in. Once these are collected, controlled
and accepted by YEN, the Vice-President for finances will order the reimbursements
either in cash or bank transfer latest by 31st of December (if all documents arrived!!!)
Important notes:
• Use the cheapest means of transport.
• Taxi costs cannot be reimbursed!
• Please look for group tariffs and early bird tickets.
• The tickets have to correspond to the seminar dates.
• Please make sure you are present 80% of the seminar time, otherwise we are
not able to reimburse your costs.
• Send your original tickets after the seminar to the YEN office
• Have your travel documents and bank details ready when you arrive!
Fill in the application form and email the file via your minority organisation to the
office: [email protected]. There is one form per participant.
The application deadline is 22nd of November 2015.
Please note that all applicants must be proposed by an organisation. Please make
sure, that you book your ticket as soon as possible, after you get the confirmation!
In urgent cases please contact the office to support the booking of your travels.
Arrival: Friday, 4th of December Departure: Tuesday, 08th of December 2015
Additional information will be sent to you after your participation is confirmed by the
office. If you have question about event please contact the office under the above
mentioned email address.
We are looking forward to your application and to meeting
you soon in Berlin!



Information about the event: Newbee_Call_for_pax_en

To download the application form click here:Newbee_registr_en-de-1