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May 30, 2018

Welcome, Kinga – Phiren Amenca’s New Education Coordinator!

I’m Kinga Kanya, I started to work as educational coordinator at the Hungarian office of Phiren Amenca in March. Since 2002, I have been working as a trainer, project manager and consultant in the field of equal opportunities (Roma-non Roma

March 20, 2018

!!!!!Deadline Extended until 22 December!!! Young Roma Advocates – International Seminar & European Youth Event (EYE 2018)

Young Roma Advocates – International Seminar & EYE 2018   Date: 27 May 2018 – 3 June 2018 Place: Strasbourg, France Coordinating organization: Phiren Amenca (BE) Number of participants: 15, age between 18-30   ABOUT THE ACTIVITY The activity will take

December 12, 2017

Phiren Amenca Spring Seminar 2017 in Durres, Albania

Spring seminar 21-27 May 2017 Hello everybody!   I am Livia and back again in Budapest after a great second experience in Durres. This time I attended the Phiren Amenca’s Spring Seminar, which took place in Albania from 21th to

May 30, 2017

YEN (Youth of European Nationalities) Easter Seminar in Albania

Hello everybody! I am Livia, the EVS volunteer for Phiren Amenca, and I would like to talk about the great experience I had in Durres, Albania, before the Easter holyday. The network of Youth European Nationalities, YEN, every year organize

May 1, 2017

“Training Architects” – Training for Trainers in Trieste

In February 2017, our partner organization Youth of European Nationalities, hosted their 2017 kick-off event, “Training Architects”, a training for trainiers in Trieste, Italy.  The seminar is a part of a project with the theme of “Building Bridges” between youngsters

April 21, 2017

2017 EVS Mid-term Evaluation Meeting

On 21-24 March 2017 in Visegrád, Hungary, our EVS volunteer Livia participated in an EVS mid-term evaluation meeting. Here, she shares her experiences: Hello everybody! I am Livia, the Italian volunteer for Phiren Amenca, and I would like to share

April 13, 2017

International Roma Day at a Budapest Secondary School

International Roma Day, is celebrated every year on April 8th.  It is a day to recognize and celebrate cultural diversity while raising international awareness to all of the challenges which Roma face in today’s society. During my time here, in

April 10, 2017

Ki a „Mumus” Európában? A cigányellenesség leküzdése nem formális képzés útján – Letölthető módszertani eszköztár

A módszertani eszköztár ingyenesen letölthető itt: Ki a „Mumus” Európában – A cigányellenesség leküzdése nem formális képzés útján Nyomtatott változatért írj nekünk: [email protected] A módszertani eszköztár jelentés a Phiren Amenca szemináriumáról, amely az Európa Tanács Budapesti Európai Ifjúsági Központjával együttműködésben került

March 14, 2017

LEADNFL project: building on research on early school leaving

Since mid-2016, Phiren Amenca has been cooperating with partners EgyüttHató Egyesület / Association Co-Efficient (Hungary) and Nevo Parudimos (Romania) on the project “Learned Inactivity – Decreasing the Number of ESL Students in Disadvantaged Communities with the Power of Non-Formal Learning”

March 10, 2017