Phiren Amenca

Conference in Barcelona

On December 2., 2014 our member organisation FAGIC, organised an opened debate about The Roma Genocide and the importance of the recognition and education about it, where Phiren Amenca was also invited and our staff members and volunteers were represented.1

After an official opening and the documentary called “The untold story: the Roma and Sinti Holocaust” we had a panel discussion with Slawomir Kapralski, a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and a member of the Gypsy Lore Society, and the European Association of Holocaust Studies; Naomi Fernandez, Roma activist and law student; Xavier Torrens, professor at political science at UB university, socioligist and an expert on Holocaust Education and Marietta Herfort, represented Phiren Amenca International Network.

On behalf of Phiren Amenca we shared our experiences related to the Education of the Roma Genocide and about its aim of raising awareness on the possibilities of non formal education about the Roma genocide as well as the capacity-building of Roma and non-Roma youth leaders and multipliers in their work on remembrance, Holocaust and human rights education in order to challenge stereotypes, antigypsyism and racism. We also shared our experinces related to the situation of Roma people in Europe, especially in Hungary and in Romania from where mainly our team members come from.