Phiren Amenca

Data analysis, policy-making and volunteering – Sebo

My name is Sebair Selmani (but everyone calls me Sebo) and I come from North Macedonia. Since the beginning of February I am the new volunteer in ERGO Network, in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps.
I am 25 years old and I recently obtained my MSc degree in Business Analytics from the Central European University. My BSc is in Computer Technologies and Engineering, so I am the geek guy. I was also part of Romaversitas Skopje. Another thing about me is that I do not talk that much.

I am interested in Data Analytics especially in the case where Roma are involved. My goal is to use these skills to monitor the policies. I am here to learn about European policies about Roma and with analytical skills to find new ways to improve them. Moreover, I would like to spread this kind of methodology for the other Roma activists.

Sebair is an European Solidarity Corps volunteer, taking part in a blended mobility