Phiren Amenca

Differences in culture are the wealth of humanity

Livia1Hello everybody! I’m Livia, and I come from a little town in the north of Italy called Omegna, where I’ve spent my life until I was 19. After turning 19, I began attending the university in Turin, where I’ve studied law, and developed an interest in human rights. I’ve did my thesis on international environmental law and human rights, focusing on the cultural differences.  I had chosen this topic because it allowed me to link two important issues: environment and cultural differences in conservation.

I love traveling, experiencing new cultures, and sharing experiences with peoples from different parts of the world. For that reason I have had  great experiences abroad and I think I have learned a lot from them. When I was 18 I worked for some months as an au pair in a town close to London, where I experienced cultural change for the first time.  Some years later I spent a year in Madrid, doing an Erasmus project.

After my studies I decided to participate in the EVS program with Phiren Amenca because I think it  is a great opportunity to get close to the history of the Roma and to improve the intercultural knowledge and experience I have gained from my previous experiences abroad. I really believe in the importance of conserving the cultural difference and the promotion of dialogue between its different expressions. The differences in culture are the wealth of humanity and make this world so interesting. For that reason I think I’ll learn a lot with Phiren Amenca, because I will have the opportunity to discover the uniqueness of Roma culture and promote it.