Phiren Amenca

Ecumenical voluntary service organizations of the EDYN Network meet in Bratislava

The EDYN Network (Ecumenical Diaconial Year Network) hold its annual meeting in the beginning of November 2014 in Bratislava, which brought together diaconal voluntary service organizations from Europe and North America. Phiren Amenca had the opportunity to share about the development of the network, and its experiences in voluntary services with Roma and non-Roma youth, as well as about its educational programs to challenge stereotypes and racism. The annual meeting allowed a networking among the EDYN member organizations, as well as intensive discussions about quality standards and measures for voluntary service programs. A local visit to various placements of international volunteers in Bratislava allowed the participants to get familiar with the local realities, and to see some volunteers in their daily environment.

Phiren Amenca and EDYN are not just connected by the common mission for quality long-term voluntary services, but they share a long history together. Around 2000 several EDYN member organizations founded the RGDTS Roma-Gadje Dialogue through Service Initiative which has developed after 15 years into the independent Phiren Amenca network, which brings Roma and non-Roma voluntary service organizations together.