Phiren Amenca

ERGO Annual Members Platform brings Roma grassroots realities to European level

Phiren Amenca participated as a guest in the Annual Members Platform of the ERGO network, the European Roma Grassroots Organizations Network, which took place in the beginning of December 2014 in Brussels. The meeting brought together over 25 Roma organizations from all over Europe to share experiences, practices and to bring local realities to policy makers on a European level. The MEP Soraya Post (FI/S&D) hosted a hearing in the European Parliament on “Cohesion for All?” which was organized by ERGO Network and the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation with a focus on structured funds for Roma inclusion, monitoring of Roma inclusion in Europe, and about integrated programming for Roma. The hearing featured many critical voices, questions and examples from grassroots level with the question why exclusion remains high and real change on the ground rare. Moreover, the ERGO Platform presented results of the Wall Free Europe campaign and the Young Roma Advocates Program, and allowed the participating organizations the space to share experiences and to discuss about future priorities and collaborations.