Phiren Amenca

EVS opportunity for young people in CESPOM, Slovakia

Deadline February 28, 2014



CESPOM slovakiaCESPOM Center of Social Assistance to Youth opened a call for applications for young people to participate in a European Voluntary Service (EU Youth in Action program) project in Lučenec, Slovakia. The 12 months lasting project offers diverse learning and service opportunities including national and international seminars. The project gives an opportunity to the volunteer to live and engage in the local community and projects in Lučenec in the time until August 2014.

The project aims to encourage mobility of young Europeans, intercultural learning and promote non-formal education as an effective way of learning and gaining new skills.

The Center of Social Assistance to Youth has applied for an EVS project. The length of the project is 12 months in which 2 volunteers will take a part. Through activities in the community centre, we will provide informal intercultural education, opportunity to gain experience and necessary skills for the future professional life of our volunteers. By their work, the volunteers will support the development of local communities. They will mainly dedicate their work to young people originated from a social disadvantaged environment – Slovaks, Hungarians, Roma.

Tasks of the volunteer      

Volunteer activities: assistance in the youth club, preparing dancers and singers in the singing and dancing group, assistance in the mother center, assisting with preparation and realization of the workshops, working with PC in the community center.


The organisation is looking for experienced and less experienced young people interested in youth work. Knowledge of English and previous experience in volunteer service are a welcome advantage. In the selection process we are looking for suitable candidates who have the skills in cultural, sporting and educational activities. Interest in service and high-level motivation of volunteers are also of importance.


Send your motivation letter,  CV and the Phiren Amenca application form by Februrary 28, 2014 to Marietta Herfort at [email protected].

Application form

Download the Phiren Amenca Volunteer Application Form (PDF) here

Beginning of the project

as soon as possible


12 months

Project in EVS Database

Description of the Hosting Organization

CESPOM Center of Social Assistance to Youth works with a group of young people and we want to help them to gain different skills, which they need in their current and also future working life, especially in these areas:

1. Education and training for future career
2. Leisure time activities – dance clubs HIPP HOP, Latin American dance, Flamenco, Gypsy dance, singing, choir
3. Mother centre – care of young children
4. Foreign languages club – preparation for residence abroad
5. Prevention activities aimed at preventing torture, women and children abuse and drug addiction

We organize and prepare regularly:

6. National competition in singing popular songs: Roma voice
7. International dance festival: Flame youth
Our organization has no full-time employees, the realization of the activities will be done by contracts and agreements for example: work performance agreement and also through work of volunteers.

Target group:

1. Children and young Roma and non-Roma people coming from socially disadvantaged family environment
2. Disadvantaged youth with fewer opportunities
3. Battered women and children
4. Unemployed young people