Phiren Amenca

EVS opportunity for Young Roma in Velofit, Germany

Deadline June 30, 2013



Amaro Drom e.V. and Velofit currently opened a call for applications for young people to participate in a European Voluntary Service (EU Youth in Action program) project in Berlin. The 12 months lasting project offers diverse learning and service opportunities including national and international seminars. The volunteers engage weekly around 30-35 hours in the bike shop repairing bikes with children and youth of different backgrounds, as well as organizing leisure activities and homework help for them. We expect future volunteers to be interested in repairing bikes and working with children and youth as well as living with other international and German volunteers in a Christian community organizing every-day life together. The program encourages volunteers to express and to realize their own ideas and initiatives during the service!

The program is fully covered, providing room, board, health insurance, monthly ticket for local transport, language course and monthly pocket money. Volunteers will be provided with 2 Youth in Action seminars in Germany during their service, and 2 international Phiren Amenca seminars.

The call for applications is open for young people between 18 and 30 years who are residents of an EU country. Basic knowledge of English or German is expected. For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Send your motivation letter, your CV and the Phiren Amenca application form by June 30th, 2013 to  Astrid Oelpenich and Merdjan Jakupov [email protected]

Application form

Download the Phiren Amenca Volunteer Application Form (PDF) here

Dates of the project

09.2013 – 08.2014


12 months

Project in EVS Database

Description of the hosting organization

Starthilfe Kreuzberg / Velofit

The location of the project “Starthilfe” of the Berliner Stadtmission is placed in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The project “Starthilfe” is located in an area with a high need of social activities. In Velofit come mainly boys aged 10-16 and young men from 18-20. We support them through different projects to grow in their social skills and to manage school and education. One of the projects is a bicycle job, where the boys learn to repair bicycles and learn social skills like teamwork, being friendly to costumers, and being punctual. For girls we have a place to do homework, because they don’t have a place at home for their own, and the parents are not able to help them. In an environment free of force and full of love and respect, the children and teens are able to encounter each other and be part of programs that increase their skills.

The aim of our work is to connect the kids within groups by programs for free time and other activities. Through this they are learning to accept the dignity of others and to overtake responsibility for themselves and others. We are a Christian organization and our volunteers will be welcome in the local Church community.

Description of the sending organization

Amaro DromAmaro Drom e.V.

„Amaro Drom” is an intercultural self-organization of young Roma and non-Roma . Our main focus is the socio-cultural youth work, the strengthening of self-initiative, mobilization, networking and self-esteem of young Roma and their political and social participation. As young Europeans we actively want to contribute to society for more acceptance and respect, mutual understanding and inclusion. We are members of ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and of Phiren Amenca, a network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations creating opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement, in order to
challenge stereotypes and racism.