Phiren Amenca

“Express yourself!“

Multi-artform exchange for young Roma and non Roma   

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“Express Yourself” Multi-artform exchange for young Roma and non Roma – Phiren Amenca youth exchange ran from August 16-25, 2014 in Normafa, Budapest. 30 Roma and non Roma young people came together from Germany, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary to develop their creativity, imagination and self-reflection, to participate in multi-art-form workshops, and to create a final performance that can be presented in big squares in Budapest.

The project aims were to use art as a tool to develop the dialogue betweenRoma and non-Roma, and to fight stereotypes and racism considering also the role as promoters and motivators that the participants could play.

As a result of our youth exchange we had flashmobs and short street performances in the Széll Kálmán and Deák square to raise awareness about the racism against Roma in Europe, especially in Hungary. You find the video about the performance this link below:

Project partners:

–       Germany: Amaro Drom

–       Romania: Romanitin Roma Youth and Students Association

–       Slovakia: Information Consulting Center of Roma

The project was supported and financed by the Erasmus Plus programme from the European Commission.


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