Phiren Amenca

FAGIC Federación de Asociaciones Gitanas de Cataluña (Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia) – Barcelona

The Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia (FAGIC) was founded in 1991 bringing together Roma associations from all over Catalonia, making it the most representative Roma organisation in Catalonia with 88 federated Roma associations. FAGIC was create with the aim of defending and promoting the rights of Roma society within the Catalan society and promote activities and initiatives that aim at promoting coexistence between Roma and non Roma in Catalonia. FAGiC has 5 main areas: Women, Education, Culture, Politics and Media and Youth. We work in all these areas at local, national and European level.

Carrer de Pere Vergés, 1, 08020 Barcelona, Spain
contact: [email protected]