Phiren Amenca

Julianne Lindner-“Volunteering has always been essential for me…”


In June 2015, I completed a master in ‘Peace and Developmental Work’ at the Linnaeus University’ in Sweden, together with a bachelor in ‘Arts and Political Culture’ at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Volunteering has always been essential for me as a way to increase my self-confidence and also as an important way to obtain knowledge, experiences and friendships. In the past I always volunteered next to my studies and work, such as by organising different Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges (a.o. about sustainability, unemployment and arts), or by doing local research, fundraising or selling tickets at a local art competition.

This European Volunteer Service (evs) at Roma Active Albania offers me the great opportunity to gain more (work) experiences and to get to know more about the Albanian and Roma cultures. Additionally, the most I have learned sofar on social issues and human rights stems from books or from teachers. This evs provides the option to receive a more thorougher understanding thereof. I am very excited and I am looking forward to an exciting 10 months.