Phiren Amenca




I am Javier Milán López. I was born in Valencia (Spain) and I am 27 years old. I have studied Political Science and I specialized in International Cooperation and Development Processes. I have been involved into activist’s movements as well as in NGOs through volunteering and working.

If there is one word that describes my motivation to get involved into activism and cooperation is “change”. I think we live in a world full of unfairness so I try to contribute a little bit to make this place a bit better. I am aware it is almost impossible to change this world but “many insignificant people doing little things in very small places can change the world” (as a friend of mine would say).

Currently, moved by the same leitmotiv I am doing an EVS in Resita (Romania) in Pro Vitam and Nevo Parudimos associations. After 10 months, when I think about my EVS experience a bunch of confusing thoughts come to my mind. Apart from my ideas, I started my EVS pushed by one question: “Why not?” I was sure I wanted to do something related to NGOs and social work but I was not sure about what exactly. Then, I found the opportunity to apply for EVS (I had no idea about EVS), and I did it!

I remember the first day. I felt like blind… I didn’t know the local language, I didn’t know the people I would live with, I didn’t know about the people I would work with, I didn’t know the place I would live in… So I felt lost but at the same time excited. The doors of a new world were opening in front of me. Step by step, I was developing my volunteering service and getting involved in the society.

Nowadays, I have no words to describe my gratitude for every single moment I have spent and for every single person I have met during this experience. They made me question, learn, re-learn… at last, they made me grow up at personal level. I still have this bunch of confusing thoughts when I stop and think about my EVS experience… However, above all, there is one thing clear: I would repeat the same experience again and again.