Phiren Amenca

May 16 – Romani Resistance 2016. Budapest












On the occasion of the 16 of May, we celebrated the Romani Resistance and we honored the Roma heroes and their uprising against the Nazis on May 16, 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

During our event in the Roma Parlament in Budapest, we shared stories of our Roma heroes, discussed cases of antigypsyism in Europe and students from the Central European University organised a soldarity campaign against the case of Mitko as a protest against the injustice and double standards for Roma in Bulgaria.

After the interactive programs in the Roma Parlament, in Mátyás square, Roma and non-Roma participants of our international youth exchange from Germany and Hungary, had their street theatre, called Social Barriers. The performance was based on the story of May 16, 1944 and on the performers everyday resistance stories.

With our event and programs we wanted to raise awareness about the growing antigypsyism in Hungary and in Europe and to stand up against it.


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