Phiren Amenca

“My biggest motivation is to help children” – Julcsi

Hi everyone! My name is Julcsi, I’m 19 years old and I’m from a beautiful city from the South of Hungary, called Pécs. Currently, I’m doing my volunteering work, through ESC (European Solidarity Corps), in a nice, small city in South France, Manosque. I’m helping in English and FLE (francais langue étreangere) classes. FLE is a French course for the children, who just moved to France and yet can’t speak the language. During the lessons I have to walk around and help the students with their exercises.

Ever since I was little, I always liked to observe and help people, that’s why later I realized that I want to work with them as well. One of my biggest motivation before choosing this mission was, that here I will be able to help children even if it’s just with a task for school. However, working with children, especially in the FLE classes where neither of us speak the same language fluently, can really strengthen my patience, so I’m hoping that my listening skills are going to get better. Despite that, I love the FLE courses because the kids are so nice and I can actually learn a lot from them and from their point of view to life.

I really hope that by the time I go back home, I’m going to be able to speak French very well, and I also want to seek motivation from my achievements here.

Julcsi is volunteering at the Collège Jean Giono in Manosque, France within a European Solidarity Corps project coordinated by Association Hors Pistes.