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New educational handbook: Barabaripen Young Roma speak about multiple discrimination

untitled    ,,Barabaripen Young Roma speak about multiple discrimination’’ is a new educational tool and a publication of the CoE.  Barabaripen in Romani language means equality. The publication is here to support the work against discrimination and for the human rights of young Roma. To reaffirm the need for recognising those groups of Roma young people who face discrimination at several levels, both inside and outside of their community.

    The publication is meant to be used as an awareness-raising tool for a variety of purposes: education, campaigning, or advocacy. It is intended to be used by practitioners, and especially those who work with young people such as youth workers, youth leaders, members of NGOs, etc. Policy makers and researchers are also potential readers of this publication. The publication can also serve the purposes of youth policy, as it offers proposals for policy makers in fighting discrimination.

     This publication is the result of a project started in 2013 by the youth and LGBT sectors of the CoE it’s need was identified by Roma young people and activists during the 2011 RomaYouth Conference, which led to the creation of the Roma Youth Action Plan, a series of activities which aim to combatdiscrimination and support the participation of young Roma.

This book includes several interviews and meetings with Roma young people in eight countries such as: Albania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. There are mentioned the following grounds for discrimination: ethnicity (all the young people involved are Roma), sexual orientation and gender identity, sex, and migrant status. The project also looked at two aspects: how young people live their lives within the community and outside the Roma communities: what they have to deal with, and what strategies they have to counter the often discriminatory attitudes that surround them.Each life story is accompanied by a summary for learning, and questions for reflection. In addition to the life stories, there are other stories and reflections, from young people across Europe and also stories about youth activism against discrimination.

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