Phiren Amenca

Open call for Hungarian participants: Kali Zor International Youth Exchange on School Absenteeism 19-25 September, Barcelona


In the neighborhood of Sant Roc, territory of action of Kali Zor association, absenteeism  is a common and growing phenomenon in the district, especially with Roma students. We aim to create space for interaction between young Roma with successful educational path in order to encourage motivation of boys and girls in the neighborhood, those who see education as a distant and unattainable element, and to enrich the background and the perspective of all the participants, making them active agents of local change. This exchange intends to use the life stories of the participants as a tool favoring, indirectly and as initial trigger for future projects in the neighborhood, the eradication of high absenteeism in the area. We want this exchange to be the genesis of a profound process of local work with the Roma community of Sant Roc and a rewarding way to symbolically open the borders of the district.


– young Roma, between 21-35 years old

– went to higher education

– open to share the successes of their educational path

Participants will prepare a short presentation (can be a video, powerpoint presentation.. etc.) about issues linked with Roma education. This are the steps to follow to make this presentation:

Participants preparation tasks:

– in your country, take some photos linked with Roma education and about their own trajectories

– bring this photos to Barcelona where you will use it to make a presentation

– think about and write down some ideas what you would like to talk about in the presentation. If you don’t feel like speaking in public, you can record your speech in advance.

The participants will work in national groups on the presentation together during the exchange.

Content of the presentation:

– Little presentation of the Roma education situation in your countries/cites (3-5 minutes)

– What about you? A little story about your trajectories (3-5 minutes)

– Message for our children: Why do you have to study? Why is important that Roma children go to school? Motivate our students please! (3-5 minutes).

These presentations will be presented in front of around 300 students in San Roc. We will hear more interesting academic success trajectories of two amazing Roma guys of our community!

There is no participation fee. Travel costs can be reimbursed up to 200€.

If you are interested, please apply until 11 August to [email protected], with a short motivation letter including your ideas about the content of the presentation.