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DATE: OCTOBER 10-16, 2016.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS FROM HUNGARY: 8 PEOPLE AGE BETWEEN 18-30 (plus one group leader from RGDTS-Phiren Amenca)

This conference is organized by Diocesan Caritas Ostrava-Opava from the Czech Republic and its partner organizations: Phiren Amenca/RGDTS (HU), Romano Centro (AT), NevoParudimos (RO), Association of Young Roma (SK) and FAGIC (ES).


Based on various experiences and projects from 2012, antigypsyism appeared as increasingly relevant topic in the youth work of Phiren Amenca, especially regarding educational approaches and youth activism.

Romano Centro organized the first International Roma Youth Conference on Antigypsyism which was held in Vienna, Austria, between November 10-16, 2014. The conference was organized by Phiren Amenca’s member organization, Romano Centro, and its partner organizations. As it was a very successful and efficient event, our network decided to continue the conference and organize it every year, involving the members and volunteers of the Phiren Amenca Network. In 2015 FAGIC took an important role in this development and took the responsibility to coordinate and host the conference in Barcelona with a support of its member organizations. This year our Czech member organization will host the conference, in order to give an opportunity for participants to learn more about the situation of Roma in Czech Republic. This project will bring together 50 Roma and non-Roma youth leaders, multipliers, trainers and activists from six different countries during a 5 day lasting youth exchange in Ostrava.


The seminar aims to raise the awareness and activism to challenge antigypsyism, discuss their ideas, initiatives, activities and open questions concerning this topic. 50 Roma and non Roma youth leaders, youth workers, activists, current and former volunteers and multipliers will come together to challenge stereotypes and antigypsyism, to develop tools for local actions and campaigns and to engage in a public action for Roma rights during the seminar in Ostrava and after it taking it to their own countries.

Main objectives of the seminar are:

• To explore the concept of antigypsyism, its manifestations today and identify and develop responses through education and creative campaigns (for instance media, blog, art, music, street actions etc.);

• Strengthening the development of critical thinking of the participants regarding antigypsyism and the situation of Roma in Europe, specifically in Spain by visiting local Roma communities there;

• Sharing, developing, and training of innovative and creative methods and approaches of local actions;

• Engage in a public action for Roma rights and to challenge stereotypes, racism and antigypsyism;

• Encourage the development of joint local follow-up activities.

DRAFT PROGRAM OF THE CONFERENCE download from here: Programme of the conference

Participation fee: For this activity there is NO participation fee

Reimbursement of travel costs: The accommodation and food is covered by the organizers of the conference. Travel of the group from Hungary will be organized and financed from Budapest and back by RGDTS-Phiren Amenca, in case participants are coming from outside of Budapest, their return travel costs (to Budapest and back) should be self-financed.



• be able and committed to act as multipliers in youth work on the themes of antigypsyism and promotion of human rights with Roma young people, for the benefit of Roma communities and Roma youth;

• be motivated to develop their competences in anti-discrimination work, human rights education and youth work and to share their experiences with other participants;

• be age between 18 and 30;

• be committed to attend for the full duration of the conference;

• be able to work in English;

• be resident of one of the partner country.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 5, 2016.

Download application form here:Application form- Putren le Jakha

Please send your application form at [email protected]

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This project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.