Phiren Amenca

Voluntary Service for Young Roma in Europe and North America

Voluntary service in the Phiren Amenca Network in 2015-2016
DEADLINE: March 1, 2015

Are you a young Roma and interested to engage as a volunteer abroad in a social project or in a Roma organization for 6 to 12 months? Are you a young non-Roma who would like to engage in Roma communities and to challenge stereotypes and racism?

rotajovemcsopi…volunteering brought many benefits to myself, because I am happy that I can help my minority and to be an example of change.”   (Alexandra Bahor, former Phiren Amenca volunteer)

Phiren Amenca International Network opened a call for applications for young people between 18 and 30 years to participate in a European Voluntary Service (Erasmus+ program) project in Europe and in North America. The projects offers diverse learning and service opportunities including national and international seminars, active involvement in Roma youth groups and networks and the programs encourage volunteers to express and to realize their own ideas and initiatives.

The program is fully covered, providing room, board, health insurance, language course and monthly pocket money. Volunteers will be provided with 2 national seminars during their service, and 2 international Phiren Amenca seminars.

DURATION OF THE PROJECT: most projects are long-term between 9 and 12 months


kép1I understand my time in Hungary and my duty as Roma young man and my time as volunteer in Phiren Amenca as the response to a reality that I cannot accept anymore…
(Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez, Phiren Amenca volunteer)

Young people between 18-30 years. No special degree, skills or experience required, but motivation and engagement is important. Certain placements might have further requirements.

We are especially welcoming people who are motivated to engage for our mission to challenge stereotypes, racism and antigypsyism, and who show an open attitude for a unique learning and life experience, as well as a volunteer spirit of creativity, initiative, responsibility and independence.



Phiren Amenca partners offer diverse placements in Europe and in North America which may include youth and sport activities, social inclusion, arts and culture, education, environment and human rights. We find the right placement with the volunteer together based on the motivation, interest and commitment of the person.

Possible hosting countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia and North American countries



1.Application documents: Write a CV, motivation letter, fill in the Phiren Amenca application form (in English) and send us to the [email protected] e-mail address
Download the Phiren Amenca Volunteer Application Form (PDF) here

2. Interview: Our colleagues will contact you for a skype or personal interview and we will try to figure out your main interest together and we will try to find the best placement for each candidate.

3. Application to Hosting organization: We will contact our partners (your possible hosting organisation) and share your application and interest with them.

4. Selection: The possible hosting organisation will contact you and inform you about their selection process

5. Possible starting of the projects: September 2015.

Any Questions: For more information contact Marietta Herfort (Phiren Amenca coordination team) at [email protected].