Phiren Amenca

Phiren Amenca Annual Report 2021

In 2021 Phiren Amenca developed national Roma youth platforms in several countries; published Europe-wide research related to Roma youth needs, challenges, and opportunities; developed a joint initiative between Jewish, Roma and Muslim organizations in Hungary and engaged with EU and national level policymakers to promote Roma youth participation.

As an international Roma youth network, we have advocated for more than 2 years that young Roma are included in the new EU Roma Framework for Equality, Inclusion, and Participation 2030. Thanks to the advocacy work of our network and partners, the new EU Roma Framework places a stronger focus on diversity among Roma and it aims to ensure that national strategic frameworks meet the specific needs of different groups, including Roma youth and LGBTQ+.

In line with this stronger focus on participation, the EU Roma Strategic Framework aims to promote the empowerment of Roma young people to overcome socio-economic gaps, fully exercise their rights and be active
agents of change.

Another success of Phiren Amenca in 2021 is the implementation of National Roma Youth Platforms in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Spain. More than three hundred young Roma took part in these events, providing a dialogue with EU officials, Roma and non-Roma politicians, representatives of the National Roma Contact Points, the National Youth Councils and National Erasmus+ agencies.

Throughout the year, young Roma and non-Roma young people engaged in our activities about antigypsyism, intersectionality, Roma Holocaust, human rights, advocacy and hate speech.

Gap-filling research was conducted about the needs, challenges and opportunities of young Roma in the EU Member States which gives a clear picture for decision-makers and stakeholders with direct recommendations.

You can read more about the activities and successes in the annual report: