Phiren Amenca

Phiren Amenca Annual Report 2022

2022 was definitely a year to remember for many years to come. The war that broke out in February transformed and defined many things, including the lives of many of our friends and colleagues. Like the pandemic, this war has created a new set of values around us.

Although part of our work has been defined by helping refugees fleeing the war, we have been able to fully implement our planned programmes for 2022. We held several international trainings on hate speech, intersectionality and antigypsyism, ran a series of seminars on the Roma Holocaust, and visited former concentration camps in Auschwitz and Buchenwald and one of the biggest Holocaust memorial centers in Yad Vashem, Israel.

Together with Roma Active Albania, we organized our So keres,
Europa?! Roma youth festival in Tirana with 150 participants, we participated in Roma Week at the European Parliament in Brussels and sent volunteers around the world.

An intense year, with lots of achievements, full of experiences and emotions and with many new allies in our network. We have developed new partnerships with organisations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia and we strengthened our co-operations in other countries as well.

We have also further strengthened our work with Jewish, Muslim and LGBTIQ organizations, and we have started a joint hate speech monitoring and the development of artificial intelligence for this.

To learn more about our successes, good practices, lessons learnt, volunteers and testimonies of participants, please take a look into this report: