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Phiren Amenca Volunteers for Cluj 2015! – Preparation and Working Group Meeting of the Phiren Amenca Volunteer Platform

Dates: 05.-08.03.2015 (incl. arrival and departure)

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Short description

The meeting will last for two days and will bring together a group of former and current volunteers to strengthen their engagement as part of the Phiren Amenca Platform of Volunteers beyond the framework of the voluntary service. Together we will explore opportunities and methods of engagement and particularly create a team for the preparation of the International Roma Youth Forum in the European Youth Capital of Cluj, Romania, in July 2015. The meeting will allow the participants to develop ideas for concrete activities for this important youth event in Cluj and create a work plan for their implementation. We will build a strong team to work together closely in the upcoming months.

About Phiren Amenca

Phiren Amenca is a network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations creating opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement, in order to challenge stereotypes and racism. More information under:

Aims and Objectives

This project aims to strengthen the activism of young Roma and non-Roma as former and current volunteers, multipliers and youth leaders to engage for a Roma youth movement by building a long-term sustainable and self-organized youth structure and by promoting volunteering and the Phiren Amenca mission to challenge stereotypes and racism. The meeting will contribute to intensifying inclusive approaches targeting Roma and non-Roma to create mutual trust and cooperation and to raise the awareness about the responsibility of the whole society.

The second aim is to create a strong team for the preparation and implementation of the International Roma Youth Forum in Cluj 2015.

Background of the activity

Platform of Volunteers

Phiren Amenca strives to create a platform for volunteers and former volunteers, in order to strengthen their role as active citizens, multipliers and promoters of voluntary service and work. A group of volunteers had various small meetings in spring 2014 and they made a set of recommendations to the Phiren Amenca network how to develop a structure of former volunteers. They request a strong youth and volunteer participation and an open process that allows a large number of volunteers to take part in the establishment of such a structure.

International Roma Youth Forum 2015 in Cluj, Romania

This project brings together 150-200 young Roma and Non-Roma youth activists and youth leaders from 15 European countries for a “International Forum of the Roma Youth Movement” in the context of the European Youth Capital 2015 –Cluj-Napoca. The project aims to raise the voice of Roma youth on a European level, to create debate, reflection and common engagement of Roma and non-Roma youth activists, to strengthen an international structure of volunteers, and to raise the visibility of Roma youth self-organization among youth organizations. The members and partners of Phiren Amenca follow a strong mission to create opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement in order to challenge stereotypes and racism. The Forum of the Roma Youth Movement will be a unique and outstanding event during the European Youth Capital, raising the positive engagement, dialogue and solidarity of Roma and non-Roma youth.

European Youth Capital 2015:

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Costs and reimbursement:

Food and accommodation will be provided for the participants of the meeting. Travel expenses will be covered by reimbursement during or right after the meeting.

Any questions or concerns?

Write to [email protected].


If you want to participate in the meeting and be part of the team for Cluj 2015, please send the filled application form back to us until the 22nd of February.

Please find the application form here: PA 2015 Volunteer Meeting Budapest_Application form_final

Please find the outline of the event here:  PA 2015 Volunteer meeting Budapest_Outline_final

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