Phiren Amenca

Research on Volunteering – Citizens’ tools for Roma participation


The aim of the research was to explore, discuss and analyze the civic involvement of young Roma people, their opportunities and access to be part of formal and non-formal education, their political participation as well as their access to European mobility programs, such as European Voluntary Service. Moreover we wanted to give a better picture about the profiles, possibilities and obstacles of those organizations which are involved in voluntary service programs.

The research was conducted among 300 young Roma and Roma former and current volunteers, volunteer candidates, youth leaders, activists, Roma youth organizations and among local, national and European institutions between July – December 2015. We had interviewees from over 15
different countries mostly from Central and Eastern Europe but we also involved Balkan countries.

We shared the conclusions of the research as recommendations with our volunteers and partners, as well as with other NGOs and political stakeholders. You can also find them in our research, which was published in a conference during our Networking Meeting on March 7, 2016 in Budapest.

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