Phiren Amenca

Roma Youth Participation: What Now?

From 25 to 27 September 2019. the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg hosted the “Roma youth participation: What now?” seminar with Roma youth activists and experts to assess needs and priorities of young Roma across Europe, in co-operation with the Roma and Travellers Team. The thirty-five participants reviewed the achievements of the Roma Youth Action Plan. They also suggested measures in the areas of policy development, capacity-building and advocacy. They stressed the importance of consistent action to combat antigypsyism. Their proposals and recommendations will be submitted to the upcoming meeting of the Joint Council on Youth. Phiren Amenca was represented by Georgina Laboda, director of the board.

You can find more information about the seminar, its program and objectives here.

Cover photo by YEN – Youth of European Nationalities / from left side: Mustafa Jakupov (ternYpe), Georgina Laboda (Phiren Amenca), Pia Slogar (YEN), Neringa Tuthankamenaite (Advisory Council on Youth)