Phiren Amenca

Roma Youth Voices – Kick off meeting

The project kick off meeting was held between December 10-11. 2018 in the European Youth Centre Budapest.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the team, understand the project background, main aim and objectives, understand what needs to be done, and agree on how to work together effectively. Throughout this meeting we wanted to be sure that everyone understands what is in and out of scope for the project, and what deliverables the project team is expected to provide at the end.

The general aim of the project is to develop the capacities of Roma youth organisations at the local and national level through participation at international and European processes, mobilisation and participation of Roma youth at relevant policy related process, as well as through strengthening the role of young people and organisations in the context of National Roma Integration Strategies.

The project, among other, aims to raise awareness about antigypsyism and develop specific actions, such as campaigning and local activities, in order to challenge the harmful manifestations of this specific form of racism against Roma communities. Antigypsyism has negative impact to Roma children and youth’s development. Access of Roma young people to social rights, and in particularly to education and labour markets is hindered by the widespread antigypsyism all across European societies. Moreover, their advocacy capacity and level of political participation are largely suppressed due to the deeply rooted systemic racism and structural discrimination they are confronted with.

The Roma Youth Voices project is a multi-year project carried out by Phiren Amenca International Network, ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and RGDTS in cooperation with national partners from France, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Romania. The project is supported under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice, European Commission.