Phiren Amenca

SAVE THE DATE: International Roma Youth Forum in the European Youth Capital 2015 Cluj, Romania

Cluj-Napoca was selected to hold the title of the European Youth Capital 2015 – A considerable occasion to raise the voice of Roma youth on a European level! On July 13 to 20, 2015 Phiren Amenca and its partners organize  the “International Forum of the Roma Youth Movement” in Cluj-Napoca to create debate, reflection and common engagement of Roma and non-Roma youth activists. We want to strengthen the international structure of volunteers, to raise the visibility of Roma youth self-organization among youth organizations, to “Share Romano Suno” –the dream of young Roma” within the European Youth Capital event and beyond. Roma are part of the European community and we want to show that. In this manner 150-200 young Roma and non-Roma youth activists and youth leaders from 15 European countries will be brought together for a multifaceted program, including seminars, interactions with the local communities and an active public event. This occasion constitutes a great opportunity and chance to get involved with the Phiren Amenca volunteer platform, to explore opportunities and methods of engagement and create a team for the preparation of the International Roma Youth Forum in Cluj-Napoca. If you are interested in getting involved, participate in our preparation meeting and get in touch with us:  [email protected]