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Seminar “Europe of Diasporas” – Paris, June 2015

Application deadline: May 15, 2015

Participants are invited to apply to take part in an international seminar that will take place in Paris on June 26-28 on the subject of “A Europe of Diasporas”. Together with young Armenian, Jewish and Roma activists, we will spend a weekend in Paris discussing issues common to our communities: Discrimination and Conflict, Remembrance and Heritage, Diaspora-State relations, Empowerment and Education.

The seminar is the first in a series planned under a project with the same title. The project is premised on the idea that diasporas are a valuable resource for European societies. The ultimate goal of this project, which involves a partnership between four organizations (AGBU Europe, EUJS, Phiren Amenca and EGAM), is to establish a European network dedicated to the promotion of, and cooperation between European diasporas. With this goal in mind, it aims to discuss and flesh out the notion of diasporas and explore its wider usefulness in Europe at large. It will also explore the opportunities which Europe may provide diasporas, and diasporas to Europe. It will, finally, seek to develop a practical agenda as a basis for a common dialogue with the European institutions.More information on the project is available online.

The Paris seminar will constitute the launch event of the project. Its will aim to establish key issues of concern to different groups, including areas of common interest. What are the challenges faced in different countries? How are they confronted? How do different groups or organizations approach them? Themes to be discussed will include “Empowerment and education”, “discrimination and conflict”, “Remembrance and heritage” as well as “diaspora-state issues”.

Would-be participants should share an interest in, as well as experience of, the challenges involved in the life of these communities. This would include in particular academics, young leaders as well as experienced leaders, professionals or activists. Individuals with experience of working in institutions or NGOs dedicated to the promotion or defence of diaspora cultures are also welcome. Participation from individuals who wish to take part in the entire series of seminars is particularly encouraged.

To apply, please complete the application form here:  Application form
The application package also includes: The seminar programme
Please send your application to: [email protected]

Application deadline: May 15, 2015

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