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!!Deadline Extended: July 10!! SO KERES, EUROPA?! – WHAT’S UP EUROPE?! ROMA YOUTH SOCIAL FORUM 2017


Date: 24-30 August, 2017. (arrival 24th, departure 30th)

Place: Varna, Bulgaria

Coordinating organization: Phiren Amenca International Network

Number of participants: 150


After our successful event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in July 2015 as part of the European Youth Capital program series, Phiren Amenca and its partners will bring together 150 Roma and non Roma young people to Varna, Bulgaria to raise our voices against racism and discrimination – especially against forced evictions – towards Roma people in Europe.




Varna was selected to hold the title of the European Youth Capital 2017 and our goal is that Varna will become the Roma Youth Capital for a week too


We aim to implement a one-week summer festival and forum in Varna to create debate, reflection and common engagement of Roma and non Roma young activists. We want to enforce the international structure of volunteers, raise the visibility of Roma youth among youth organizations and to share the voice of young Roma within the European Youth Capital and beyond.


Main objectives of the forum are:

  • To explore the concept of antigypsyism, its manifestations today and identify and develop responses through education and creative campaigns (for instance media, blog, art, music, street actions etc.);
  • To explore cases of forced evictions in Europe and specifically in Bulgaria and to create a manifestation against it, together with relevant organisations and NGOs;
  • Strengthening the development of critical thinking of the participants regarding antigypsyism and the situation of Roma in Europe, specifically in Varna by working with local Roma communities there;
  • Sharing, developing, and training of innovative and creative methods and approaches of local actions;
  • Engage in a public action and festival for Roma rights and to challenge stereotypes, racism and antigypsyism;
  • Encourage the development of joint local follow-up activities;
  • To bring together the platform of volunteers, give them space to meet, to develop and to implement their actions.



The European Youth Capital, launched by the European Youth Forum, is a one year award in which the winner is given the opportunity to develop and present its youth-oriented life. This includes a huge number of activities regarding cultural, social and political life.


In 2017, during one year, Varna will become a meeting point for innovative ideas, creativity and an alternative thinking. It will focus on social innovation, in particular, on the development of social entrepreneurship as a tool for development of youth participation, sustainable employment, creativity, networking, exchange and education.



Thematic workshops and special activities will take place in Varna, where participants will have a chance to learn more about the situation of Roma in Europe and especially in Bulgaria, to learn and discuss about human rights, antigypsyism, as well as empowerment and activist strategies. The event will create space for activism and dialogue among Roma and non Roma young people and youth organizations. It will allow the participants to share their local realities, to discuss about the needs and challenges of Roma youth and to reflect about the common cause and motivation for youth activism. A wider public event will also give a big visibility to our massage and outcomes of the week.



During the week participants will work in the same groups from the beginning till the end. The groups will be the following (more information about each WG will be shared later on):

  1. Forced evictions
  2. Holocaust Remembrance
  3. Politics of Photography
  4. Rhythm and Recycling
  5. Pop Culture
  6. Theater
  7. FOCUS – education through films
  8. Graffiti/stencils, resistance portraits
  9. Diasporas with Jewish and Armenian organisations
  10. Media






During the event participants will organize their 48 hours actions, what will be the core elements of the whole event-week. The topic of the actions will be for instance Roma super heroes, school segregation, forced evictions, challenging stereotypes and racism through music, theatre, rhythm, graffiti or media and we would like to raise the awareness related to the situation and cases of Roma in Bulgaria. The results of the 48 hour actions will be presented in a public event.




We will bring together 150 Roma and non Roma young people, youth leaders, trainers, educators, activists and multipliers to bring broad international attention to antigypsyism and forced evictions and efforts to combat it during a multifaceted program, including workshops, interactions with the local communities and an active public event.


Number of participants / country / excluding team members and facilitators

Bulgaria 50 Germany 2 Belgium 4
Hungary 4 Portugal 2 Czech R. 2
Romania 4 Serbia 4 Kosovo 4
Spain 4 Albania 4 Other 4
France 4 Macedonia 4
Austria 4 Ukraine 4
Slovakia 4 Bosnia 4
Italy 4 UK 4



Fill in the application form until July 10, 2017

The application form you find here:




For this activity there is NO participation fee.


Reimbursement of travel costs:

The accommodation and food is covered by the organisers. Phiren Amenca will not reimburse 100% of the travel costs, we defined a maximum amount, the rest we expect as a sending organisational or individual contribution.


The reimbursements of travel expenses (based on economical prices, Apex, student price, special price) will take on the spot during the week in Euro or by bank transfer after the activity. Participants should bring with them original invoices to prove the costs of travel as well the tickets.

To be reimbursed participants should take part at least 80% in the activity.


Maximum amount for return travel costs / country / person:

Bulgaria: 30 €
Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia: 100 €
Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine: 150 €
Spain, Portugal, Italy: 150 €
Belgium, France, Germany, UK: 150 €




ABOUT THE EVENT IN CLUJ IN 2015 please visit:

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