Phiren Amenca

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I am Angela coming from Romania from a small town called Petrosani. I studied at the University of Political Sciences and Administration in Bucharest, but also I worked for 6 years with a Roma NGO with a television program where I learned how to defend human rights through media and antidiscrimination campaigns. I was also an air hostess for 2 years which opened my multicultural world . Also I have been a  manager of a hotel on the seaside part of Romania.I believe in the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success. Ethically we should live in a society  like this , practically it depends  on us, how we stand for what we want. My first meeting with Phiren Amenca was in Strasbourg/ France  and I chose to make my EVS with Phiren Amenca for their democratic beliefs and for the power of initiative they offer to  volunteers.

EVS experience in Hungary gives me the chance to meet  people from different cultures and share my culture with them too. My goal is to change people`s impression about Roma and spread Roma voice  around the world.  To watch stereotypes growing is not hard , the question is how we can challenge them in society.

Phiren Amenca provides me with good work experience with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and multicultural perspective.

I will be in Hungary for  12 beautiful months.

I offer my knowledge and  my support  now while I am young.

If i don`t  support  my nation now , then  when?