Phiren Amenca

Statement by Géza Buzás-Hábel, Hungary | Dikh He Na Bister 2020

On the occasion of August 2, Roma Holocaust Memorial Day 2020, young Roma and non-Roma people are sharing their messages about the importance of remembrance, challenging antigypsyism and youth activism.

Statement by Géza Buzás-Hábel, Hungary: “Roma representation in the Hungarian school books is quite poor and if there is any, it’s mainly negative. Same about the Roma Holocaust. It’s important to strengthen the movement of remembrance because it has an effect on political decision-makers. They must know that we are part of the body of the nation and not only related to Holocaust but there should be Roma-presenting contents in the school books in general.”

This video campaign is part of the Roma Youth Voices Project, coordinated by Phiren Amenca and funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice, European Commission.