Phiren Amenca

Survivors – People that never gave up, exhbition by Kubo Krížo

The exhibition preserve the memory of people who were witnesses one of the most terrifying stories in a history, the Holocaust and it was dedicated for the memory of Raymond Gurême, French Roma Holocaust survivor.

Kubo Krizo, photographer took part of the Dikh He Na Bister – Roma Genocide Remembrance event in Krakow and Auschwitz in 2019, organized by ternYpe.  During the one week event between July 29 and August 4. 2019, Kubo made a series of portraits of Roma survivors of the Holocaust, who joined the youth event and shared their testimonies with hundreds of young people who participated at Dikh He Na Bister on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Roma Holocaust. The artist made portraits of Raymond Gurême (French), Else Baker (German), Rita Prigmore (German), Nadir Dedić (Bosniaks) and Ivan Bilaščenko (Ukrainian).

As extremism is getting stronger in Slovakia, through this exhibition the artist felt important to raise the awareness where hate can lead our societies.

The opening of the exhibition was on August 5. 2020 and it was opened till August 30. 2020 at the Central European House for Photography, in the center of Bratislava.