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Alexandra Profile

Alexandra Bahor is doing her voluntary service in Budapest, Hungary.

Volunteer Profile | Alexandra Bahor

Hello!  My name is Alexandra Anamaria Bahor, I come from the small town Braila, in Romania. I am 26 years old and I am a Roma girl.

For the most part I live my life by my rules and wishes, I am free to choose, decide and act. People around me know that I am a smiling person and I enjoy every detail of my life. I value my friends and I love my family.

I finished University „Dunarea de Jos-Galati”, Faculty of Legal, Social and Political Sciences in 2011. My main interest is to defend the rights of the Roma people and to help adults and children who have needs.

I started volunteering 6 years ago in my country and now Phiren Amenca gave me the opportunity to do an international voluntary service in Hungary.

I decided to volunteer in Phiren Amenca because I felt the need to make concrete actions and I was attracted by the actions made by members of the network, which give us the opportunity to show the world that we can change non-Roma people’s mentality about us.

I became a volunteer, because I want to help others and stand for a cause. Without realizing immediately, volunteering brought many benefits to myself, because I am happy that I can help my minority and to be an example of change. I feel good when I do something worthwhile with my time and I can give a contribution to achieve a goal.

I enjoy being part of a group of people here in Hungary, who have a common perspective on the cause that we support, namely the defense of Roma rights and the fight against stereotypes.

About Roma identity in Romania, I believe the media is responsible for the reproduction and transmission of prejudices and negative stereotypes about our minority. We as young Roma need to develop professionally and intellectually to be an example for our communities and for non-Roma people to change their prejudices against us.

In my opinion, this voluntary service opportunity will allow me to make a change in our society, especially in order to change the mentality by which we are judged.