Phiren Amenca

Tó Office cooperating with Phiren Amenca

On behalf of Phiren Amenca Károly Herfort visited Tó Office. Phiren Amenca looks forward to future cooperation with their voluntary service programmes.

On behalf of Phiren Amenca Károly Herfort visited Tó Office. Phiren Amenca looks forward to future cooperation with their voluntary service programmes.

Tudásklaszter Társadalom- és Vidékfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. (Tó Office) opened its first „Family Friendly” Community Office in Hungary!

Tó Office offers two kinds of support for community organizing and networking. One is the professional support for companies or NGOs, and the other is support of grassroots activities in the area of Szeged, Hungary.

Tó Office offers services for Small and Medium Enterprises and for Non-Governmental Organizations, because often these kinds of organizations don’t have big financial foundations to rent meeting rooms in imposing hotels. Tó Office offers affordable places to work and hold meetings. Further, Tó Office offers three virtual assistants to help clients in organizing their work. If you organize a meeting in a Coffee Bar, you would invite everybody for one coffee and would have just limited time in a noisy environment without any technical support. Tó Office offers a venue where you will have a good mood meeting with coffee, technical and human resources support for the same price.

Tó Office also supports grassroots activities in the area. Right now, mothers from one of our projects (RENATA) organize clubs here every month. They organize clubs in different topics: child rearing, education, creative afternoons, etc. They can bring their children and we offer child care with well-educated baby sitters. The three virtual assistants help them to organized. And all of these things are offered for free!

Tó Office has a Coffee Bar and opened terrace for lighter meetings, and one meeting room for deeper conversations. Tó Office has a large training room, which can be arranged easily by clients according to their needs. Tó Office also has two kitchens, and for the clients’ children, child care and a creative corner.

about the three virtual assistants

Tudásklaszter Társadalom- és Vidékfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. has a project called RENATA. Our target group is mothers, who have children between 0 and 6 years. This project supports atypical employment, so mothers could try this schedule during the training. Mothers could learn a competitive profession with personal growth training, while their children could be in our child care. After this project they could apply for a job at Tudásklaszter as a virtual assistant in atypical employment. We chose three of them, and they can work at Tó Office and give professional human resources support, while their children can be at the child care.

voluntary service

Tudásklaszter has different kinds of projects in what we can involve volunteers, who would like to do their European Volunteer Service in Hungary. Because of this we contacted Phiren Amenca. Phiren Amenca graciously invited us their conference Beyond Roma and Diversity – Phiren Amenca Study Session on Gender, Multiple Discrimination and Intersectionality. Tudásklaszter invited Phiren Amenca to the Tó Office Opening Party. On behalf of of Phiren Amenca Károly Herfort visited us. Károly really loved the style of the office, he said he is very happy to see famous women on the wall, although he did not recognize all of them! He really enjoyed the quiz about famous women. He found the child care idea and the atypical employment very good, because they help mothers go back to work, and improve their economical status. He was also happy that we are challenging the discrimination of mothers and women in labor market. We can’t wait to work together!