Phiren Amenca

Mashkar Kehilot (Between Communities) project in Hungary got started!

Joint project of Phiren Amenca & Tom Lantos Insitute

The project aims to strengthen activism and cooperation of Roma, Jewish and non-Roma/Jewish youth in Hungary in order to challenge antigypsyism and antisemitism and to find common points for cooperation. Our aim is to disseminate already existing educational materials on these issues in Hungarian as well as to encourage and support the participants to develop and carry out joint actions to combat antisemitism and antigypsyism.

The project includes:

  • translation and dissemination of these educational materials in Hungarian:

The European “Boogie Man” Complex: Challenging Antigypsyism through Non-formal Education, an educational toolkit:

Teaching Materials to Challenge anti-Semitism:

  • 9-11 december and 27-29 january: two weekend trainings to get to know each other, think about common issues, possibilities for cooperation and action plans to challenge antisemitism and antigypsyism
  • february-april: actions organized by the participants with constant support of mentors
  • 21-23 april: weekend meeting to share the experiences of actions
  • 13 may: a public event to present the educational materials and the project

We already started working with the mentors on the first training program and we are very excited to meet the participants soon!


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