Phiren Amenca

Training workshop on combating antigypsyism through education

When: 20 – 24 April 2015.
Where: European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France.
Deadline for submitting applications: 16 March 2015.
The training workshop aims to develop young educators’ competences to address issues related to antigypsyism through educational activities with young people and, by doing so, associating them to the wider use of the toolkit.

The objectives of this training workshop are:

  • To explore the concept of antigypsyism, its manifestations today and identify educational responses
  • To increase the competences of 20 educators to run initiatives and activities with young people on combating antigypsyism, within a human rights education framework
  • To stimulate participants and their respective organisations and networks to use and disseminate the Toolkit on combating antigypsyism
  • To support exchange of practices and networking among participants
  • To identify further support measures and actions within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan for combating antigypsyism.

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