Phiren Amenca

Using Non-Formal Education to Counter Early School Leaving

Photos: EgyüttHató Egyesület

Photos: EgyüttHató Egyesület

Phiren Amenca joined EgyüttHató Egyesület / Association Co-Efficient (Hungary) and Nevo Parudimos (Romania) in the launch of the project “Learned Inactivity – Decreasing the Number of ESL Students in Disadvantaged Communities with the Power of Non-Formal Learning” (abbreviated as LEADNFL).  The project focuses on early school leaving among Roma young people in disadvantaged communities, and the potential of non-formal education approaches and methods to address it.

In the first phase of the project, the project partners will coordinate research in multiple communities, in order to identify key risks and causes of early school leaving in disadvantaged communities. In the second phase of the project, the partners will engage experts to help develop a toolkit for using non-formal education to help combat and reduce early school leaving.

The Budapest meeting served to kick off the project. The project partners took a comprehensive overview of the project, elaborating timelines, discussing research plans, and cooperating on a communication and dissemination strategy for updating stakeholders on the project progress, and sharing the results of the research, and the non-formal education toolkit, at the conclusion of the project.