Phiren Amenca

Voices of Resistance Campaign 2020 – Anina from France

Today is the Romani Resistance Day, for this occasion you can listen to the thoughts of Anina who is Romani woman, living in France:

“Hello I’m Anina Ciuciu, I’m a French and Romanian Rromani woman. I am a lawyer and author. Today, international Rromani Resistance day we celebrate the May 16th’s Uprising of « The Gypsy family camp Auschwitz-Birkenau » and we pay tribute to our deceased and heroes. But I am also proud and happy to see nowadays, the new generation of Rroma, Gypsies, Manouches, Kalé, Sinté, Travellers inspired by our own history organizing themselves everywhere in Europe and worldwide in order to defend the rights and dignity of our people but also of anyone who faces injustice in Europe and worldwide.”

Special thanks to Anina Ciuciu! The ‘Voices of Resistance’ online campaign invites every young Roma to testify their own resistance stories! Through this online campaign we want to empower young Roma people to share their good examples of staying active in such difficult times of crisis as well. Stay tuned, watch our videos and be part of our online resistance!

The Voices of Resistance campaign is part of the Roma Youth Voices Project, coordinated by Phiren Amenca and funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice, European Commission.