Phiren Amenca

Voices of Resistance Campaign 2020 – Sarai from Spain

Let us introduce Sarai, a 17 years old Gitana from Spain who wants to break with the negative stereotypes about Roma:

“I’m Sarai, Gitana, I’m 17 years old and I’m studying scientific studies in high school. I would like to say that Roma people are still suffering refuse and antigypsyism from part of mainstream society. I think it’s very important to be aware of the historical discrimination we suffered, so it will not be repeated in the present and then to improve our future. That’s why I want to highlight May 16, Romani Resistance Day, a day to break with the stereotypes.”

Special thanks to Federació Assoc Gitanes Fagic!

The ‘Voices of Resistance’ online campaign invites every young Roma to testify their own resistance stories! Through this online campaign we want to empower young Roma people to share their good examples of staying active in such difficult times of crisis as well. Stay tuned, watch our videos and be part of our online resistance! ??

The Voices of Resistance campaign is part of the Roma Youth Voices Project, coordinated by Phiren Amenca and funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice, European Commission.