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Volunteer Profile: Chelsea Paulsen

Chelsea Paulson

Chelsea Paulsen is doing her voluntary service in Szombathely, Hungary.

Hello, my name is Chelsea Paulsen and I am an American volunteer serving in Hungary. I come from near the city of Seattle, Washington and now live in Szombathely, Hungary. I am serving this year with the program Young Adults in Global Mission sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). This program is a one year program that allows me to teach English and become involved in my new community. I spend my time teaching, speaking with people who know or are learning English, and helping at the local HÁROFIT office. I also help the local church that I am partnered with, wherever they need help.

I very much enjoy living and learning in Hungary. I am slowly learning Hungarian as well as about the history, culture, and people. I love getting to know my students and having basic conversations with them. It is always fun when they use something new they learned in class. I also enjoy my time at the HÁROFIT office where I get to speak only Hungarian and help wherever they need it.

The HÁROFIT office is a place that provides jobs and education to Roma and Non-Roma people. It is part time work and the program is growing. The office also provides food, activities, and a space for people. It used to provide summer camps and cultural activities but haven’t had funding for the last few years to do so. Through questions, talking, and google translate, I am learning more and more about my work and new home Szombathely.

Besides volunteering and helping people I like to do lots of others things. I love drinking coffee, watching films, going on walks, and spending time outside. I love Indian and Mexican food. I enjoy baking and cooking. I love to play frisbee and be active. I just finished my degree last May at Pacific Lutheran University where I studied Communication with a concentration in conflict studies, and I have a minor in Social Work. Ultimately, I love helping others and meeting new people.